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The PCB manufacturing industry is deeply troubled by diversification anxiety

The PCB manufacturing industry is deeply troubled by diversification anxiety, and the direct factor is the impact of upstream supply chains.
The PCB industry is a technology intensive industry, and the synergy between enterprise technology accumulation and overseas industries is very important.
Domestic PCB front-end assembly enterprises occupy absolute dominance and have received high support and attention from domestic PCB front-end assembly enterprises since their establishment. This is an important driving force for deepening the industry organizational strength of PCB core boards and innovation driven development to improve PCB quality, manufacturing, and service integration.
Our company's splitter, professional intelligent milling cutter splitter, vertical milling cutter splitter, offline milling cutter splitter, vertical high-speed milling cutter splitter, offline high-speed milling cutter splitter, automatic gong cutter splitter, PCB separation equipment, high-speed milling cutter splitter, and circuit board separation equipment.
Our company independently develops a vertical milling cutter cutting machine, which has the characteristics of lightweight, labor-saving, improved production efficiency, and easy maintenance. It can cut and divide double-sided boards, porous boards, and free boards, as well as V-CUT, C-V-CUT, etc. Angle and pulse cutting can be performed according to the thickness and number of products processed by customers. Its processing efficiency is about 70% of traditional technology, and it is an inevitable trend to balance high efficiency and high quality.
The dry film substrates used for high-density circuit boards (PCBs) mainly include single panel and double-sided boards.
The advantages of double-sided boards are convenient positioning, simple customization of appearance, and not sacrificing the complexity of the circuit.
Due to the high reliability and green environmental protection of soft PCBs, there is also great reference value for the advantages and disadvantages of graphic PCBs during production.
Make a single sided circuit board with circuit graphics in the circuit board factory, but some circuit boards are single sided, and double-sided circuit boards are stronger in terms of functionality than double-sided circuit boards. Generally, there are double-sided circuit boards.
Can a double-sided circuit board be made into a single panel? (The cost of a single panel is twofold. Because the produced circuit board is not a very complex metal circuit board, it is usually called a double-sided board. A laser drill is a machine that presses the circuits on both sides on a hard board. The processing of double-sided circuit boards is based on this feature. Product quality is a key factor affecting the quality of circuit boards.
Optimize the wiring of multi-layer circuit boards by utilizing existing software and hardware to achieve interconnection between multi-layer circuit boards, thus achieving high-quality circuit board design.
Use a brush coating process to reduce line width distortion and unnecessary parasitic components inside the board. If a surface coating process is used, this is the most ideal coating method. Note: Each material of the coating machine usually has its own line width distortion and parasitic components inside the board, and the corresponding coating times can be set according to the parameters.