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Can the PCB assembly industry survive the winter in the global market?

Can the PCB assembly industry survive the winter in the global market? Undoubtedly, with the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of China's electronic industry chain, and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, it has brought opportunities to China's electronic industry chain.
In short, with the continuous increase of China's demographic dividend, China's electronic industry chain has become increasingly mature, and the profit comparison has begun to have a qualitative improvement. However, in the long run, that is to say, with the support of the country, it is a very important stage. At this time, the country is actively promoting the "the Belt and Road" and attaches great importance to the development of the electronics industry.
Since 2015, the national "the Belt and Road" has developed, and national policies will also be the focus and important support to promote industrial progress. In the Yangtze River Delta region, the independent and controllable national industrial layout of the electronic industry has improved efficiency and process, and has formed an ecological chain of electronic industry chain in terms of overall strength. The expansion body urgently needs to break through.
With the rapid and rapid development of technology, the trend of electronic industrialization will also appear in multiple industries with a scale of hundreds of billions. Taking integrated circuits as an example, the localization requirements for related chips are becoming increasingly stringent. So, what is the importance of electronic industrialization? Taking integrated circuits as an example, China produces 0.5 billion chips annually, with an annual output value of 5.6 billion, totaling over 200 billion.
Due to the continuous progress of integrated circuit manufacturing technology, traditional cleaning processes have also made significant improvements in cleaning. Unclean and uneven cleaning, as well as non effluent, reverse effluent, abnormal effluent, crystallization, and outlet pipe pollution, can all cause significant harm to the cleaning solution, and the cleaning efficiency has also been improved to a certain extent.
This type of cleaning agent is mostly alkaline or electroplating cleaning agent, which has a certain degree of corrosiveness and is easy to block the liquid after wear. The product life is shortened, and the biochemical performance is excellent. The service life of cleaning agents increases with the increase of usage time. The following is an analysis of the performance of atmospheric, chemical, metal, packaging materials, rubber seals, and insulation materials.
Water cooling, hydration, steam, trace amounts of ultrasonic cleaning fluids, as well as solids, hydrocarbons, insoluble substances, and other toxic compounds such as sodium, nitrohydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, acids, esters that may be harmful to metals or nitrates, as well as solids, arsanes, fluorides, phosphorus, etc.
NPT cleaning machines are used for precision ultrasonic cleaning, immersion cleaning, hot immersion cleaning, electronic component cleaning, ultrasonic degreasing cleaning, etc.
Applicable industries: electronic semiconductor devices, electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic transformers, electronic circuit boards, transformers, rectifiers, capacitors, relays, motors, magnetic materials, automotive chassis, batteries, mechanical parts, clocks, mechanical parts, instruments and meters, optoelectronic lighting, aerospace equipment, chemical equipment, tools, instruments, automation (electromechanical, electronic, hardware, mining) logistics industry.
TES/TICK micro e-commerce main projects: IDM/MES development, design, development, and sales.
POC hardware: HTTP based, PC based RPC/E/SEGAS series development board (8 modules).