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Unprecedented major changes in the PCB manufacturing industry in a century

The printing circuit board manufacturing industry has undergone unprecedented changes in a century, with VR, TI, and Meta all monopolizing NIO, making the industry a successful debut.
Electronic paper motherboards are an important carrier of consumer electronic products, and their main characteristics are inseparable from the long-term use of ICs. In addition, they are also constrained by high integrated circuits, electronic ink, and other factors.
The development of electronic products cannot be separated from professional electronic equipment engineers, precision circuit design engineers, PCB layout engineers, SMT engineers, PCBA/PCB solution engineers, and other engineers.
Nowadays, the power supply range of electronic products is very wide, and there are various types of power sources, from initial analog signals to digital signals. The volume and weight of electronic products are generally 30-80%. The components of ordinary power supplies, such as regulated power supplies, switching power supplies, etc., are all aimed at regulated power supplies.
Capacitors are divided into single layer and bidirectional conductivity, usually composed of two or more independent capacitors, usually in the form of double layer capacitors or power mutual capacitors. Double layer capacitors are connected in parallel with capacitors, and within the allowable voltage range, there is capacitance between both devices. When there are capacitive or series capacitors on both sides of the capacitors, due to the independence of the two capacitors on both sides, there is an insulating medium between both.
The quality of the power supply. The main characteristics of power supply include efficiency, characteristics, and reliability. Compared to general power sources, the use of transformers reduces efficiency, volume, and weight. Compared to power sources, using fewer wires can achieve more effective power conversion, which is impossible. There are usually two versions of power supplies: aluminum foil and copper foil. Copper foil used for energy storage is an electrochemical stable power source with stable energy insertion capacity and weight. The advantages of copper foil are low cost and fast dynamic response
Copper foil is one of the basic materials for PCBs. It is the direct material of PCB and the electrolysis of copper foil. It is widely used in the communication industry, automotive industry, PCB lighting industry, medical devices, and general industrial fields. It has a very wide range of downstream applications. Due to the more complex and environmentally friendly production process of copper foil.
Affected by macro trends, the basic shape of copper foil is very obvious, mainly including the two main types of PCB: single-sided copper foil, double-sided copper foil, and hollow copper foil. The main differences between single-sided copper foil and double-sided copper foil are as follows: firstly, single-sided copper foil is interconnected with double-sided copper foil, with both sides of the double-sided copper foil being copper foil; Secondly, double-sided copper foil. Due to the thick dielectric thickness of double-sided copper foil, only multiple conductive layers are generally allowed on the double-sided copper foil, as shown in the following figure.
Base material for double-sided copper foil. By thickness ranging from 1 to 25 μ Copper foil (PI film) between m and double-sided copper foil.
Firstly, due to the significant heat absorption power consumption between the double-sided copper foil substrate and its insulation layer, the adhesive effect of the thin film placed on the copper foil substrate is not as good as that of the double-sided copper foil substrate.